Flutter EXPERT - Syllabus

Flutter gets to a stable version on 12/4/2018, from then its start to make popular around the world due to its huge advantages such as easy(relatively) to learn and to maintain, Fast rendering at 60fps, Use the Dart language, Maintained by Google, The hot reload option and much more.
These days (2018-2020) Dart of Flutter is the fastest growing language on GitHub thanks to Flutter. So, I will not waste your time, let’s start to learn Flutter!

FID community has already taught more than 200 Israeli Flutter developers and 8 High-tech companies!


  1. What Flutter Is? Why to use it for android and ios and etc?

    1. What is Cross Platform? Cross Platform in 2020.

    2. What is flutter? And why is it the best solution? + Flutter Today

    3. Flutter Online:

      1. Flutter.dev.

  2. Flutter installations:

    1. Windows Flutter Installation + Android Studio Installation + AVD.

    2. Windows VSCode Installation​​

  3. Create First Flutter App

    1. Flutter First App Structure + Run Emulator&Real Device.

  4. Flutter Communities in the world.​​​

  5. Dart:

    1. Why Flutter Uses Dart?

    2. Dart Compilation

    3. Dartpad

    4. Functions, Callbacks, Typedef, Lambda, Print, Named Parameters, var

    5. Class, Constructors, Super, Assert

    6. Class, Constructors, Abstract, Private

    7. Mixin

  6. Understand your first application

    1. Your First Counter App - Widgets, Design

    2. Frontend Code Fundamentals.

    3. Stateful and stateless.

  7. Top Widgets

    1. MaterialApp, Scaffold

    2. Container, Column, Row, Center, Extract Widget, Flutter Studio 

    3. Expanded, Stack, Padding, Align, SizedBox

  8. Flutter Libraries With Pub.dev

  9. Build Your Tesla Selling Cars Page!

    1. Figma, Image, SVG, TextStyle, BoxDecoration, MediaQery, ButtonTheme, OutlineButton.

    2. Flutter Animations

  10. dart syntactic sugar(??, ... , etc)

  11. Build Your Form, Building complete forms with:

    1. Design

    2. Routes

    3. Form + GlobalKey:

      1. Lib, GlobalKey Explain

      2. First Page

      3. Custom Checkbox Field Part 1

      4. Custom Checkbox Field Part 2

      5. Custom Checkbox Field Part 3

      6. Second Page Validation

      7. Pages Navigation

  12. Dart Async: Event Loop, One Thread, Async Await, Future, Streams

  13. Dart Advanced Topics:

    1. Functional Programming.

    2. Reactive Programming.

    3. Dependency Injection.

  14. State Management: The Facts App

    1. State Management Basics

    2. State Management Libraries.

    3. Show Facts App

    4. Facts App Widgets

    5. Getting familiar with the variance of state management methods for Flutter

      1. LiftStateUp
      2. Providers

      3. EventToState

      4. Bloc 

      5. Mobx

      6. Redux

  15. Apps Architecture: The Facts App

    1. Clean Architecture

    2. Show Facts App.

    3. Lite Clean Architecture .

    4. Lite Clean and MobX 

    5. Full Clean Architecture.

  16. Flutter tests: The Reverse app.

    1. Show Reverse app

    2. Unit tests

    3. Widget tests

    4. Integration Tests

    5. Mock in Tests 

  17. Flutter CI CD with Codemagic: The Reverse app.

    1. What is CI CD, What is Codemagic - presentation

    2. How to connect a project to Codemagic?

    3. How to use code magic?

      1. Settings for project.

      2. Connect to AWS for real devices tests.

      3. Pricing

    4. Show Reverse app. (same as 16.a)

    5. Reverse App on Codemagic

  18. Final mission:

    1. Building Instagram app using Flutter & Firebase -
      We will do our best to continuously adding more features for this part.
      Pay Attention that when you buy this course, you buy only the current parts that already exists.
      Any future addition is at the sole discretion of the FID Company.

      currently there are the following parts that already exists in the course:​​

      1. Connect app to Firebase.​

      2. Use Firebase Auth for Sign in with Google.

      3. Saving Local Data for current user (name, desctiption, profile photo etc..,).

      4. Create, Edit and Save User Profile on Firebase using the App

      5. Complete Login System Logic and design.

      6. Recommendation system for Feed Posts.

      7. Working Activity Feed includes Upload Posts.